Welcome to HappyProduct pt.3 by Mark Osborne

What is HappyProduct? pt.3
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For well over a year, Despair and I have been working together on a new initiative called Happy Product.

The first phase of its unveiling begins now- with see the release of DVDs of both MORE and my prior stop-motion student film, GREENER. Documentaries about the creation of both films began over a year ago- with The Birth of Greener already completed and available on the GREENER DVD. The MORE documentary, called Making More, is included on the Special-Edition "More" DVD, along with a ton of other special-features. Trailers for both documentaries are already online at the two prior links.

The first phase also sees the release of select products derived from MORE. Large format art-prints, generated directly from very high-resolution IMAX film scans, are available for order in the STORE section. T-shirts for Happy Product, based on art from the film, are also being released.

Some of you may feel that the sale of art prints and t-shirts runs counter to the spirit of MORE. I'm sensitive to those concerns- so I hope you'll hear me out.

The sad truth is that movies cost money to make. One way or another, art has to be funded. Through the sale of goods on this site, people are helping me to pay off the debts of MORE and helping Despair pay off the costs to fund this ambitious new initiative.

It is our hope for this new undertaking that we can begin to lay the foundation for a very different future. If enough people are willing to buy things from this site, it could possibly - over time - help me to fund subsequent stop-motion short films like MORE and GREENER. That is our hope, anyway, and it's the reason so much time and money has been invested to bring this to fruition.

Another hope I have for this site is that it can help to open more eyes to the huge community of experimental filmmakers just like me who are struggling to make personal films, films like MORE, that could find a large audience of fans but have no channel of distribution. I am hoping, in the months ahead, to help expose whatever audience I can attract to other works by the unsung and underserved filmmakers that inspire me. Whether or not this can make a difference, we don't know. But it's worth trying.

So why call it Happy Product?

The short answer is its just a really ironic way to market MORE and other experimental art films. It's a challenge to myself to stay true to my instincts, my creative goals and my audience. I don't ever want to abandon any of them for any reason whatsoever - unless there's an enormous amount of money to be gained in the process.

So please check out the site, join the mailing list for updates and keep an eye out for new stuff. And please, please, please pass the word to anyone who will care about HappyProduct.com and a little tiny film called MORE. We need all the help we can get!

Thanks, Mark O