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Many people would find it difficult to believe that the making of a 6-minute short film could have been too much of a challenge. But in truth, creating MORE was an incredibly arduous task for more than a half-dozen of us. Put a handful of people onto a project that pays almost nothing, is plagued with technical difficulties throughout production and post, and demands every waking hour of everyone's attention for months on end and you'll get a recipe for conflict, heartbreak and psychological breakdown. (At least that's what we found.)

For well over a year, work has been underway on a documentary about our experience in making this film. While the doc won't be released until Fall of 2004, you can at least get a taste for it by checking out the trailer for the film Making More below.

Watch "Making More" Trailer (Quicktime, HI-RES, 29MB)
Watch "Making More" Trailer (Quicktime, LO-RES, 9MB)